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Cem Aba
Media Entrepreneur

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Diana Aba
UI Designer. Web developer

'' Hi, I am Cem Aba. I have worked 22 years in hospitality industry, recently as a manager on different destinations around the world working for the market leader TUI. Alongside to my main profession, i have always strived to make enough time for my passion of creating visual art on different areas such as photography, film making&post production, content management and graphic design. Due to diffucult times we are all going trough in 2020, I am very excited to take the opportunity and make a step further in to my passion of many years, As a dynamic and inspiring start-up "ABALAR", we are dedicated to create&maintain highly qualified and game changing content in order to bring you a few step forward in the market. Myself as an art director and my wife a great support on the software side, we are looking forward to deliver reliable and attractive virtual experiences to you and your clients ''

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Web Development

Html Css(FLEXBOX&GRID) Javascript Scss&Bootstrap React Redux Node.js Git SQL

Design & Post Production

Figma Adobe Creative Suite

Drone operations

Drone pilot license

Film Comercial Promo shots

Mavic 2 Pro drone Sony A7 R IV with various lenses of Sony GM series

Social Media & Content Editing

SEO Guidlines Social Media Trends Web traffic and user engagement PR & Marketing Strategies

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